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100 Queeries is a 100-day assignment in which I seek to uncover the history and truths behind 100 LGBTQ+ terms, cliches, and stereotypes, including the meaning of queer, the history of the LGBTQ+ flags, the trans military ban, and bisexuality.


During my time at Gay City News, we worked with "seasonal advertisers," or, companies that would only spend ad dollars on the LGBTQ+ community in the month of June. Since then, I have continued to notice a disconnect between what brands think the queer community looks like versus what it actually is. 


As a member of the queer community, I find this to be concerning, but unsurprising, given the amount of confusion and bias that can proliferate even within the community itself. My hope is that by presenting these cliches and stereotypes in a new light, I can be an active participant in the dialogue about what it means to be queer today. 

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