The global platform that seeks to educate people on the importance of establishing boundaries around touch by inviting them to think, ask, and talk beforehand.


Designed to be warm and inviting, Beforehand is not an authority on touch — rather Beforehand will come to the audience as an equal.


Meet June, Beforehand’s mascot. Through the eyes of June, Beforehand will teach how to establish boundaries on touch in a 3-tier system. 


First, Beforehand will educate the fundamental importance of both touch and boundaries. 


Next, Beforehand will distinguish between the intention behind a touch and how that touch could potentially be received by another. 


Finally, Beforehand will teach how to better communicate boundaries, allowing for more lasting, meaningful connections. 


Beforehand comes complete with a guide that will teach people how to self-assess where they stand on the touch spectrum. There is an existing touch language, but not a vocabulary for establishing boundaries for touch. 


This guide will exist online with a library of resources and interviews that highlight the importance of touch and boundaries, as well as a quiz that will help people discover where they lie on the touch spectrum.


Beforehand will also exist as an educational platform, integrated into elementary schools, high schools, and universities, encouraging people to think, ask, and talk beforehand. 


Team: SVA Masters in Branding, Maria Manuela Andrade, Ali Kearney, Michael Shirey, Theresa Brondholt Sorensen, Sophia Yuan


Role: Strategist, Designer & Illustrator